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Throat Cancer Symptoms
Smoking Facts About Larynx and Esophageal Cancer Symptoms

Throat cancer symptoms are not one of the dramatic effects of smoking cigarettes and often go undiagnosed.

The smoking facts show that cancer of the throat is often diagnosed late because the symptoms are missed or unreported.

The signs that you have cancer of the throat are not very dramatic and in fact can be very subtle. They are not even as dramatic as an upper respiratory infection such as a cold or allergies.

Throat Cancer Symptoms

Early signs

  • persistent sore throat
  • raspy speech or hoarse voice

Later Signs

  • painful swallowing
  • ear pain
  • spitting up blood stained mucus
  • weight loss

However, even though the signs of throat cancer are not one of the dramatic effects of smoking cigarettes, the cancer itself can lead to very dramatic changes in your body including the inability to breathe or swallow and the loss of your ability to speak if you have larynx cancer.

The cancer starts to grow in the cells that line the throat. Usually there are few if any symptoms at first.

As the tumour keeps growing there may be some changes in the quality of the voice and perhaps a lump on the neck. When the tumor gets large enough there will be problems with breathing and swallowing, and consequently, weight loss occurs.

smoking facts

Smoking Facts

Many times the cancer is already advanced at time of diagnosis.

In fact this happens in about 70% of patients diagnosed with throat cancer. Symptoms are sometimes so mild and undramatic that they are not reported and investigation is delayed allowing the cancer to grow and sometimes to spread.

The prognosis for throat cancer is only favourable if the cancer is diagnosed early.

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Anatomically the throat refers to both the larynx which is the voice box and the esophagus which is the tube that connects to the stomach.

The carcinogenic effects of smoking cigarettes can also lead to:

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by Beverly OMalley

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