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- Smokers Cough -
One of the Bad Health Effects of Smoking

Smokers cough is the term used for the chronic cough that many smokers develop as one of the health effects of smoking cigarettes.

The persistent cough signals that the bad effects of smoking are taking hold and the respiratory system is unable to cleanse itself because of damage from the effects of smoking cigarettes.

Like any smoke, the smoke from burning tobacco contains particulate matter called cigarette tar. The hot gases and the hot cigarette tar pass over the structures of the lungs and literally burn away the delicate structures that are responsible for cleaning or sweeping the lungs clean.

smokers cough

Mucus is present in the lining of your airways to trap debris and dust that might accidentally find its way into the lungs. In other words it has a protective effect.

Tiny hair like structures called cilia line the air passages and sweep these small amounts of mucus out of the lungs. It is an efficient cleansing mechanism. When it works efficiently you are completely unaware that it is working.

But if it doesn't work you will know it!

If abnormal amounts of mucus build up in the lungs you have a cough reflex that works to bring up that mucus and expel it so it will not cause an obstruction.

The air passages are not that large so there does not need to be much mucus trapped in there for an obstruction to occur.

Smokers cough develops because of the accumulation of mucus in the tiny air passages. It is often worse in the morning because of the mucus build up that occurs over the night.

smoking facts

As a smoker you may get so used to persistent coughing as part of your daily life that it becomes normal for you.

However, a chronic cough is never normal and can be the sign of serious lung disease.

If you are a smoker you are already at risk for smoking related diseases of the lungs like lung cancer or emphysema. A chronic cough may be present in both these conditions.

if you smoke cigarettes and have a persisten cough, it is a sign that your lungs have already been damaged by the bad effects of smoking.

Because of this damage, you will also be vulnerable to lung infections and more prone to develop pneumonia.

by Beverly OMalley

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