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- Your Prayer to Quit Smoking -
Divine Stop Smoking Help
All You have To Do Is Ask

Here is a prayer to quit smoking.

If you are addicted to cigarettes and you want to quit smoking, take all the stop smoking help you can get including that which may have a divine origin.

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You were created as a non-smoker. There has never been a baby born with a cigarette already in his/her mouth!

Come on - you know that your decision to start was a decision you made independently. You may not understand why you made this decision but it was your decision.

If you are now wanting to make the decision to stop smoking, help may be closer than you think.

Here is a prayer to quit smoking that you can use at any time on your journey.

Oh Lord God I ask you to hear my prayer.

I want to be non-smoker once again.

I know that I am addicted to cigarettes and that continuing with this addiction is bad for me.

I have learned that the health effects of continuing with this addiction are many, and I know that I place my own health and the health and safety of my family at risk every time I smoke a cigarette.

I feel your hand guiding me toward this decision Oh Lord, and I wish to return to the state of purity in your original design.

I want to be pure in my thoughts, my spirit, and my body and for this I need your help to be a non-smoker once again.

Help me to reach that state of purity in your original design once more.

There will be days when I am confused about the many methods to stop smoking.

I will need to find the one that is right for me. For this Oh God I ask your guidance.

There will be days when tthings may seem too much for me to handle.

For this Oh God I need your strength.

Oh Heavenly Father please hear my prayer.

I want to be a non-smoker again.

In Jesus' name


You may develop a deeper understanding of why you started to smoke in the first place if you explore the answer to the question
Why do People Smoke?

by Beverly OMalley

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