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-Proving Lung Cancer is Caused by Smoking -
Facts About Brochogenic Carcinoma Causes

Is lung cancer caused by smoking?

Facts about lung cancer have been gathered rigorously and analyzed relentlessly with a view to describing what causes lung cancer once and for all.

The results are always the same. In 90% of cases, you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. Over seventy years of scientific study has proven these facts about brochogenic carcinoma over and over again.

Epidemiology is the study of how diseases occur in specific groups of people and why.

Surveillance epidemiology is simply a systematic way of collecting, recording, analyzing, and interpreting health data.

Facts about Lung Cancer
Proving That Lung Cancer is Caused by Smoking

The relationship between disease and the factors that promote it are determined by epidemiological studies.

Basically there are two ways that this is done.

  1. A retrospective study looks at a population of people already diagnosed with a disease and examines how many factors all these people have in common.

  2. A prospective study starts with a disease free population matched for various characteristics and then follows them into the future to see what diseases develop.

Retrospective Studies Prove That Lung Cancer is Caused by Smoking

nobody wanted to believe that lung cancer was caused by smoking

It is called a retrospective study because it starts with people who already have bronchogenic carcinoma and then goes back through their history to see how many factors they all have in common.

Using statistical analysis it can be determined if a specific factor is significant to the majority of people with the disease.

Such studies have shown repeatedly for over 50 years that either direct or second hand effects of smoking is a factor in over 90% of people diagnosed with lung cancer.

It would be the retrospective studies that formed the foundation for the early conclusions that smoking is what causes lung cancer and these studies would have been part of the 7000 documents reviewed by the Surgeon General's Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health in 1964 when the shocking revelation was made that you can get lung cancer from smoking.

Prospective Studies

A prospective study to determine if lung cancer is caused by smoking would start with a non-diseased population matched for various characteristics such as age or gender and then follow them over time to see who develops a bronchogenic carcinoma.

When you start a study with a non-diseased population it takes much longer for the study results to come in because you have to follow the population over a lifetime.

The British doctors study was the first long term prospective study that was able to provide the epidemiological evidence that lung cancer was asscoiated with use of tobacco.

Epidemiological Studies:
What is the 'British Doctors Study'?

A group of male British physicians were recruited into the study to be followed over their lifetime. Regular follow up occurred from 1951 until 2001.

The link to a host of smoking related diseases became apparent by following the group for over 50 years.

It was one of the first prospective studies to link smoking and lung cancer, but over the 50 years the study was in progress other retrospective studies were continuing to confirm that bronchogenic carcinoma was indeed a smoking related disease.

smoking facts and fiction

Believe the Facts About Lung Cancer or the Addiction Fiction

It is Your Choice

Neither retrospective nor prospective studies prove that you will get lung cancer if you smoke cigarettes. They only prove that a relationship exists. When that relationship becomes so profound such as 90% of people with lung cancer have a history of tobacco smoke exposure then that relationship can be said to be causal.

You can make the choice to deny that lung cancer is caused by smoking.

The facts however, do not change just because you choose to engage in addiction fiction.

So why do people smoke?

Discover the answer to this question on this page Why Do People Smoke?

by Beverly OMalley

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