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Smoking Facts and Fiction

The smoking facts show the dangers of cigarettes to the health of individuals and populations.

Diseases directly related to the harmful effects of tobacco use kill 650 million people annually and nicotine is one of the main causes of drug addiction around the globe.

If you are addicted to cigarettes you already know that smoking is bad for you. You do not even need a website to tell you that.

But you might need a website like this one to help you understand why you ignore all the facts about being addicted and the many harmful effects of tobacco.

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What you need is to more fully understand why you continue place yourself at risk for the many smoking effects on the body and ignore the real and compelling dangers of being addicted to cigarettes.

And that is why this website will also explore adiction fiction.

What is Addiction Fiction?

smoking facts and fiction

Addiction fiction is the package of lies you tell yourself to dismiss the dangers of cigarette smoking and continue to believe that your behaviour is harmless, insignificant or not important.

Cigarette marketers use addiction fiction all the time. It helps them create an attractive veil over the many harmful effects of tobacco. They portray their products as harmless social devices that promote youth, vigor, and heightened sexuality.

You may have believed this marketing message when you got your first taste of tobacco.

Smoking Facts about the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

cigarette smoking facts
  • There are 1.3 billion smokers worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 50% of these will die of tobacco related diseases - that means approximately 650 million people worldwide will die as a direct results of the effects of being addicted to cigarettes.

  • By 2025 smoking diseases will claim 1.7 billion lives.

  • Low income nations and those with a rising middle class continue to see an annual increase in the numbers of smokers in their population.

  • Annually consumers spend over $400 billion on tobacco products worldwide, yet many countries continue to struggle with funding for health care, education and other public services.

  • As long as there is a demand for the product, criminal groups and organized crime will be involved in cigarette smuggling.

  • The use of tobacco products for social "enjoyment" cost governments staggering amounts of money annually in direct and indirect costs including morbidity, mortality, loss of productivity, fires, deaths, and law and bylaw enforcement. These losses exceed any revenue that a government could make through taxation or direct sale of cigarettes.

  • "Mental and Behavioural Disorder due to the use of Tobacco" is a classification (Chapter 5 -block F17) in the International Classification of Diseases maintained by the WHO.

And there is more, much more. In fact there is a staggering body of evidence about the many harmful effects of tobacco.

smoking facts

The evidence now shows that diseases caused by smoking have been identified in every organ in the body. To date just about the only disease not related to smoking is athlete's foot!

I haven't yet found any evidence that foot fungus is in anyway one of the dangers of cigarette smoking. That doesn't mean the evidence doesn't exist, it's just that I haven't found it yet.

You can't lose your toes to foot fungus anyway, but you might lose your toes or even your whole foot to Buerger's disease which is a smoking related disease found only among people who use tobacco.

So you won't find a page here about foot fungus. But you will find many more interesting pages about the smoking facts and...

A website on the facts about smoking could never be complete without also exploring the economic, political, moral, legal, and ethical issues of smoking bans, tobacco control measures, and smokers rights (is there really such a thing as the right to smoke?)

...and much more compelling evidence about the smoking effects on the body, the real dangers of cigarette smoking, and the human suffering caused by the harmful effects of tobacco and many of the poisonous ingredients in cigarettes, as well as what happens when you inhale the chemicals contained in a cigarette.

I will even give you some tips to stop cold turkey and facts about radioactive cigarette ingredients.

And please, remember that of all smoking facts you will read about on these pages, the one that is most important is this.

Even though you are addicted to cigarettes and you know that smoking is bad for you, you are not a bad person if you smoke.

Addiction is not a measure of your character.

If you want to stop your nicotine addiction you have to start by understanding it...

So now that you are here why don't you get started?

Go from the smoking facts home page to Causes of Drug Addiction to more fully understand the power and the nature of an addiction.

The smoking facts reveal the real dangers of cigarette smoking.

Addiction fiction reveals the reasons why you ignore them.

by Beverly OMalley

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