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Smoking Facts and Fiction about Artificial, Smokeless Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is a smokeless cigarette designed to simulate the real smoking experience and reduce the effects of nicotine cravings. Marketers tell potential users of these artificial cigarettes that they can use them anywhere smoking bans are in place as there is no tobacco combustion.

They are not legal for sale in all countries.

Other names for these smokeless, artificial cigarettes:

E cigarettes
E cig
Electric Cigarettes
E smoke

They are called smokeless cigarettes because the effects of nicotine are experienced by inhaling an atomized vapor of a nicotine containing liquid and there is no tobacco combustion.

Anatomy of Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic refers to the battery operated atomizer that creates the vapors which carry the nicotine to be inhaled. An electric current is needed to recharge the batteries.

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Cigarette refers to the appearance of the device which is purposely designed to look and feel exactly like a paper wrapped tobacco rod right down to the cosmetic glowing LED tip which has no purpose other than to simulate the burning embers of a cigarette tip.

Explore the smoking facts about the fiction perpetuated by the e cigarette here and read about the rationale for the decision of to not endorse the e-cigarette.

Let's Discuss the Pros and Cons

The electric cigarette brings with it a lot of controversy as does the whole idea of smoking bans, laws and regulation.

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by Beverly OMalley

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