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Does the Electronic Cigarette Create Problems for people who have difficulty breathing?

by David McPherson
(Bourne UK)

I am concerned about the electronic cigarette and the vapors that are exhaled. Will it affect my health?

I am registered disabled. I was involved in a serious car crash which left me, amongst other things with a ruptured diaphragm.

I have difficulty breathing because of this and my lung capacity is only 59%. Does anyone know what medical problems I would possibly suffer if I was in a room and in close proximity to someone using one of these devises? I am a non smoker.


According to the manufacturer of the e-cig, the vapour that is exhaled is water vapour.

I cannot see how this would be a problem for you. But I am not an expert on these devices and I do not support their use in the public domain.

Since the tobacco companies withheld information about the harmful smoking effects on the body I find it hard to trust other commercial enterprises that are trying to market a smoking product.

All commercial enterprises know there is a LOT of money to be made here....

I would love to hear from some respiratory experts about this.


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Apr 24, 2012
Testing on E-cig Vapours
by: M Dolphin

a recent Cytotoxicity Evaluation was published in Italy, reporting the results of tests on the vapour produced by use of an electronic cigarette.[4]
They concluded that the ‘second-hand’ vapour is not toxic.

The full text can be seen here:-

Interesting study to look at. It was not testing the effects on people but rather on specific types of cells. A whole conglomeration of cells that make up a human being may be different, however, it appears that this test is a standardized way of testing for cytotoxicity (or cellular toxicity).

People have many different kinds of cells that exist under many different circumstances so the only thing that can be said from this paper is that the vapor from that product was not cytotoxic on fibroblasts (these are a specific type of cell). The diversity of cells in a human is much more complex than these cells alone.

This was also a specific type of electronic cigarette, probably being sold in Italy.
I could not find any disclosure in the study as to whether the researchers were compensated by the electronic cigarette company for conducting this research.

One thing is clear though...we do not have a good safety profile of this product and the fact that it is being used by many people without this data is just a repetition of the marketing efforts of the original tobacco rod cigarettes.

If the effects of smoking were known when cigarettes were first mass produced and marketed, they would have never made it to the market place.

The smoking facts are that there was no scientific data about the harmful effects of cigarettes at that time and so tobacco companies marketed them heavily using celebrities to promote their specific brand and even suggesting health benefits of cigarette smoking.

All this stopped of course as more dangerous facts of smoking cigarettes came to be known.

We may find history repeating itself as the widespread use of the e-cigarette may turn out to be a huge uncontrolled experiment, and we may have to wait until enough people have used this product for a long enough period of time to determine if adverse health outcomes will occur.

If no adverse health outcomes occur specifically with those who are "vaping" we may find that the use of regular tobacco rod cigarettes will rise because of the peer and social effects of seeing some one "vaping" the electronic cigarette in the exact same way that a tobacco rod cigarette is smoked

It does after all look a lot like smoking cigarettes and that is the whole point of the design of the product.

While smokers may want this product as a safer alternative to tobacco combustion what is the long term effect if it is widely accepted socially?


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