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- Chemicals Contained in a Cigarette -
Facts About Smoking the Ingredients in Cigarettes

Many chemicals contained in a cigarette are toxic, lethal or carcinogenic.

The ingredients in cigarettes even include radioactive elements.

The many smoking effects on the body occur both locally and systemically as all body organs and systems are affected by the harmful effects of tobacco combustion.

chemicals contained in a cigarette

Ammonia is a chemical agent you might have in your cleaning supplies. Benzene is a component of paints and solvents and you might have some in your garage. Ethylene and polypropylene glycol are common ingredients in antifreeze so you might have some of that in your garage too.

I can only hope that in the course of your everyday life you have no use for hydrogen cyanide or arsenic.

Each one of these is an ingredient in cigarettes.

The reasons for each of the chemicals contained in a cigarette are as numerous as the chemicals. Some are added as flavouring, some are listed as flavour processing aids (whatever that means), and others are natural ingredients of tobacco or occur as one of the harmful effects of tobacco combustion.

smoking facts

Facts About Smoking the Ingredients in Cigarettes

When you inhale a chemical it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. In fact, next to direct injection into a vein, inhalation is one of the most efficient ways of getting chemicals into the human body.

With inhalation the adverse effects of saliva, stomach acids and digestive juices are avoided and the chemical is delivered directly into your bloodstream exactly as it comes out of the cigarette.

The smoking effects on the body occur first in the tissues that receive the highest exposures. This would account for the higher prevalence of cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs in the smoking population.

These tissues are subject to the harmful effects of tobacco combustion as the heated chemicals in cigarette smoke pass over the delicate mucous membranes and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Once in the lungs the cigarette tar sticks there and the rest of the ingredients in cigarette smoke are passed directly into the blood stream.

Any unabsorbed chemicals are exhaled in the smoke.

Once the chemicals are in your blood they are quickly distributed to all body tissues.

Many of the chemicals contained in a cigarette have been isolated in the urine, pancreatic juices, and even in cervical mucus of female smokers, so the distribution to all parts of the body is pretty efficient.

And those are the facts about smoking the ingredients in cigarettes!

by Beverly OMalley

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