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Causes of Male Infertility
Facts About Smoking, Low Sperm Count and Sperm Vitality

The causes of male infertility include smoking.

Facts about smoking and infertility show that for male smokers, one of the health effects of smoking cigarettes may be a low sperm count or low quality of sperm vitality and fertilization potential.

causes of male infertility

Many animal studies on rats have shown that one of the adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes was low sperm count and poorer motility of the sperm.

But is that evidence also applicable to the male smokers among the human population?

When studying fertility in men, researchers look at not only the number of sperm but the quality of sperm as well.

A low sperm count is not the only reason for infertility in men. Those sperm have to be able to reach an egg and penetrate it in order for fertilization to occur. So in testing the sperm the quality and nature of the motility and ability to penetrate and fertilize an egg are all examined.

Here are some conclusions reached by researchers regarding the sperm count, density, and fertilization potential in male smokers.

More Cigarette Facts About Causes of Male Infertility

This study concluded that low sperm count and reduced sperm vitality were two of the adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes.

"Cigarette smoking was associated with a significant decrease in sperm density (-15.3%), total sperm count (-17.5%), total number of motile sperm (-16.6%), and citrate concentration (-22.4%). The percentage of normal forms was significantly reduced in smokers, and sperm vitality, ejaculate volume, and fructose concentration were slightly but nonsignificantly affected.

CONCLUSION(S): Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced semen quality."
Kunzle R, Mueller MD, Hanggi W, Birkhauser MH, Drescher H, Bersinger NA.(2003)Semen quality of male smokers and nonsmokers in infertile couples.Fertil Steril. 2003 Feb;79(2):287-91.

These researchers concluded that cigarette smoking may be a cause of male infertility because of the many toxic chemicals contained in a cigarette.

smoking causes of male infertility

Mehrannia T. (2007) "The effect of cigarette smoking on semen quality of infertile men"
Pakistani Journal of Medical Science
October - December 2007 (Part-I) Vol. 23 No. 5 717-719

Using standardized tests that measure how well sperm can penetrate the outer coating of a egg researchers at the University of Buffalo measured up to a 75% reduction in fertilization potential of sperm from male smokers1. This result was most significant in heavy smokers.

Reduced semen quality has been recognized as one of the negative health effects of smoking cigarettes since about 1985 and the facts about smoking as one of the causes of male infertility keep accumulating.

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More Facts About Smoking and Causes of Male Infertility

The evidence seems clear that having a lit cigarette hanging out of your mouth does not make you more of a man. In fact the opposite is true.

In addition to being one of the causes of male infertility if you factor in the effects of cigarette smoke as one of the causes of impotence, it becomes very clear that a limp penis and poor quality and quantity of sperm is not what men usually associate with their manhood.

It does not matter how rugged the men in the cigarette advertisements are, that picture does not tell the whole story. The facts tell the whole story!

And the whole story is that tobacco not only kills and disables millions of people but it kills and disables gazillions of sperm as well.

by Beverly OMalley

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  1. University at Buffalo (2005, October 18). Men Who Smoke Heavily May Impair Sperm, Fertility. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 29, 2010

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